Since 1997, we have been sourcing fine wine from families in France, Spain and Italy. Our goal has always been to work with people who care about their land and, hence, the way they make their wine. Producers in our portfolio practice sustainable, organic or bio-dynamic methods.

Please note: State and Federal laws do not allow us to sell directly to the consumer. However, if you see a wine on our site that you would like to purchase, please send me an email and I will try to arrange a sale through a Minnesota retail partner. It will depend entirely upon your location–the state in which you reside. Some states do not allow direct shipment of wine to their citizens. We will inform you if it is possible before we proceed with your purchase.

Olive Oil! We have some great olive oil for you. Many of our producers either press their own oil or have friends with whom they trade wine for exceptional olive oil. We can ship you olive oil! Make a purchase from our current inventory and take dining to a whole new level. Olive oil is a great host/hostess gift, too!