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Elena Fucci’s “Titolio” Olio from Basilicata

Limited. Why start a new blog with the word, limited? Because you will want to purchase this olio and it might not be available any longer when you read this item. Fair warning.

Elena Fucci, is an amazing young winemaker who has made fifteen vintages of her wine and received the coveted Tre Bicchieri award from the Gambero Rosso for 13 of those 15 vintages! Who does that?! You would think she might be boastful. She’s not. In fact, she is quite lovely about it. She still gives credit to her grandfather, Generoso, for her knowledge of the vineyards and the care which is necessary to make a great wine like her “Titolo” Aglianico del Vulture DOC.

The family’s olive oil, “Titolio”, is also credited to the long vision of Generoso. Elena understands how he made it possible through his natural curiosity about olio. By carefully selecting and nurturing his trees, 40 years later they reward the family with vibrant green, fruit-driven oil milled from their granite stone press. Try this oil and understand why Basilicata is uniquely well-suited for olive trees and their delicious fruit. This is an oil to compliment your favorite foods. There were only 2500 bottles produced. We have less than 200 available to ship in the USA. Limited!

Read the details and purchase here: Elena Fucci, “Titolio”, Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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